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The Hospital Directory

Current, transparent, neutral: The hospital directory of the German Hospital Association

  • as an information portal for hospitals for patients and their families
  • as a guide in the midst of the diverse offers and individual services of the hospitals
  • as a basis for information for the trusting doctor-patient conversation. Patients and their families are concerned with many questions and requests about an upcoming hospital stay.

The hospital directory of the German Hospital Association offers you flexible options to find and compare suitable hospitals in your area with extensive search functions. The importance of hospitals in our health care system is undisputed. The public expects the greatest possible transparency in healthcare. The hospital directory of the German Hospital Association provides patients and their relatives with generally understandable information on the representation of medical quality and services in hospitals. The information portal is independent and ad-free.


Due to their excellent level of performance, German hospitals also enjoy a high reputation abroad. The international demand for hospital services is steadily increasing. With an English-language version, the German Hospital Directory not only informs international patients about Germany as a hospital location, but also the non-German-speaking population in Germany.

Modern and innovative

Hospital care is characterized by constant progress and changes. In order to best meet the public's expectations of a modern information portal, the hospital directory of the German Hospital Association is continuously developed and adapted.

Data basis

The content and structure of the German Hospital Directory is based on the quality reports of the hospitals. The quality reports are updated annually. In contrast to other information portals, the hospital directory of the German Hospital Association offers hospitals the opportunity to update certain data at any time. The users benefit from currently available nationwide hospital data.

Currently, the data of the reporting year 2022 of the quality reports are the basis of the hospital directory, provided that the hospitals have not updated the data.