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Find hospitals directly

You already know which hospital you have information such as Would like to receive the address, contact details of a specific department or quality data? The targeted search for a specific hospital is easy and quick:

On the start page of the hospital directory of the German Hospital Association, enter the name of the hospital in the "Where?" Field and click "Search". Part of the name is enough (from 3 letters) and you will receive a list of the hospitals that have this part of the name in their name. The more letters you enter, the shorter the list will be.

Tip: The Where? Search combines hospital and place names. Hospital names are marked with a house symbol, place names with a pin symbol. Since hospitals are listed in the order under the place names, either enter additional letters or proceed in the preselection to get to the hospital you are looking for.

You can also use abbreviations, especially when searching for large university clinics. For example, enter UKE, you will find "Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf".

Multi-word hospital names can be quoted to help you search more specifically, e.g. "Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin". In this case, however, the phrase in quotation marks must also appear in the hospital name.

If you know the hospital's institute number (IK number), you can use it to find the desired hospital.