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Note and compare

With the functions Note and Compare you can add hospitals to your personal watch list and compare them with each other.


To add hospitals to your personal watch list, click on the "Note" box in the list of hospitals on the search results page in the right column (unfortunately, this function is not available on smartphones due to space constraints). The ad changes to "Noticed".

You can now carry out further searches and add additional hospitals to your watch list. The watch list can be called up at any time using the "Remember" button in the same column above. Hospitals that have been saved can also be removed from the list here.

Tip: For data protection reasons, the hospital directory of the German Hospital Association does not save your watch list permanently, but only until the browser window is closed.


With the compare function, you can compare up to four hospitals with each other (two hospitals on tablets, unfortunately not possible on smartphones).

First put the hospitals to be compared on the watch list (see above). Then click the "Compare" button on the search results page above the right column.

Tip: The "Compare" button can only be clicked if at least two and at most four hospitals have been selected with the save function. If you have selected too many hospitals, first click on "Remember" to call up the list and click on the red cross in a circle to delete so many hospitals that you have reached a maximum of four.