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Tips and tricks for the job portal

With these tips and tricks, you as a job seeker can make the best use of the nationwide hospital job portal in the hospital directory of the German Hospital Association. Subject areas:

Find jobs

Already on the homepage of the job exchange you can see on the map (Google Maps) whether there are any vacancies in the search region you are looking for.

Click on the pin needles to get to the details of the individual jobs.

By entering a postcode or a city name in the field "In which region are you looking for an open position?" you can determine in which region of Germany open positions should be displayed.

By default, job vacancies are displayed within a radius of 100 km as the crow flies from your search centre. Use the slider to increase or decrease the radius. However, if you make it too small, there may be no vacancies within the search radius.

If you want to search for vacancies throughout Germany, enter "Deutschland" in the search field.

Using the search filters on the job portal home page and on the search results page, you can specify that only certain types of jobs are displayed in the search results.

For example, under "Occupational field" you can specify that you only want to see jobs in the medical service or nursing service and which hierarchy level you are interested in. You can also make several entries per field by clicking on the "Add" link below the selection field.

Tip: The individual subject areas of the filters work as so-called AND searches; all selected filters must be fulfilled. The more filters you specify, the fewer positions will be displayed. Most positions will be displayed if you leave all filters at "no restrictions (all)".

It is best to search without filters in the desired region first. Then set filters on the search results page of the job board if too many or few matching jobs are displayed.

In the free text search you can search for any terms that describe your job application.

The free text search searches the advertisement texts of the published job offers as well as the job PDFs that may have been uploaded by hospitals.

Tip: Not all hospitals place their advertisements with a job advertisement text, but only refer to the job description on their own website via link. You might not find these job advertisements with the free text search. It is also possible that other terms are used in the job advertisement than you enter in the search. Therefore, the prepared search filters are more reliable for your search.

Search result of the job portal

First of all, the job advertisements are displayed according to their topicality, so that you, as a regular user of the job portal in the Hospital Directory, get a quick overview of newly added jobs.

However, you can change the sorting in the bar above the job offers and instead of sorting by hiring date, you can also sort by the planned start of employment or by the distance to your search location (if you have entered this in the search). The distance is measured with geo-coordinates as the crow flies.

The job advertisement

With the link "Information about the hospital in the hospital directory" you can click directly on the page of the job advertisement to display the hospital.

There you can, for example, view the number of staff in the hospital, find out about specialist departments, frequent diagnoses (ICD) and treatments (OPS) as well as about the equipment, and obtain information about the specialist expertise and certifications.

If the vacancy is assigned to a specific department of the hospital, you can click on the link "Department" to directly access the information of the hospital directory about this department.

For example, the list of the ICD and OPS keys (illnesses/treatments) that occur most frequently in the department will show you the department's main focus.

The link "Information on the job on the hospital website" takes you to the information on the vacant position that the hospital has already published on its own website or in its own applicant portal.

Since many of these sites already provide a digital application function, it is particularly convenient for you to apply for the job advertisement this way.